CBRD 2011


Cardiff Bay Republican Day #1 was initially planned for August 2011. However, in May of that year, a request for 'some kind of an alternative ceremony' was put to us by Bethan Jenkins AM; some means by which she and others could boycott the Queen as the latter opened the Assembly. We accepted this challenge, and the date of the first CBRD event was thus shifted to June 5th, to coincide with the Queen's arrival in Cardiff. Constructed at very short notice, our alternative flag ceremony would allow Bethan and other interested parties to swear an oath to the people of Wales, and their flag, the Welsh Republican Tricolour. 

Previous such occasions had seen renowned anti-monarchist, Leanne Wood AM, take time out to work with homeless charities. Events this time around would prove slightly more newsworthy. Not only did Leanne and Bethan boycott the Queen's presence, but after CBRD emailed each and every Assembly Member to call forth any other uptakers, the list of boycotters grew to four. Newly elected Llyr Huws Gryffudd AM (North Wales) and Lindsay Whittle AM (South Wales East) also committed to the symbolic abstention.