Cardiff Bay Republican Day is an annual Summer gathering of various kinds of republicans from across Wales and beyond. We are unaffiliated to any one political party and welcome all to attend.

The CBRD message overall is that the current devolution 'settlement' offers only an ersatz freedom and a sham democracy, which are anathema to us as republicans. Our elected politicians consistently fail to represent the best interest of Wales and its people, and serve merely to deputize on behalf of alien interests.

This year's speakers will offer some practical suggestions towards achieving a deeper, republican, freedom for Wales.

Saturday 1.6.13
  • Speakers

    Arian Cymru

    Republic Wales

    Welsh National 
    Rights Movement

  • Venue

     6:30pm / June 1st

    The Wharf
    Schooner Way
    Cardiff CF10 4EU

Republican oath 'controversy'
Cardiff Bay Republican Day features on the front cover of the Western Mail, Sept. 2012